Saturday, 27 August 2016

Redundant & Grasping for Power

In an exhaustive August, 2016, 57 page report created by the Research Team of the Ontario Landowners Association we learn that the whole multi-level empire building entity known as so-called 'Conservation Authorities' are not only redundant but grasping for power

Kudos to the Ontario Landowners Association for underwriting this report but still it is worthy of note that Niagara property owners have been struggling under the tyrannical activity of the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA).

Under the ‘guise of conservation’ our NPCA has been playing both sides of the fence where conservation is concerned. On the one hand they attack property owners over everything they can find in an attempt to extort ‘money’ predicated on so-called environmental protection. On the other hand they take ‘money’ from developers allowing for serious environmental destruction

For those still believing that our NPCA is all about ‘Conservation’ you will find ample information examples to the contrary on this very Blog and among the pages in http://www.themirro

For your Convenience Links are provided below to articles illustrating the horrors being perpetrated on Niagara Citizens by our so-called Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority.


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