Thursday, 30 June 2016

An Everlasting Con Job

Whenever you hear the words ‘con artists’ you immediately visualize a sleazy person in a cheap suit. Generally you would have conjured up the correct images. Generally you think of a con artist as a criminal trying to cheat you out of your money.

However there are other con artists that are interested in something more valuable than your money and they are just as willing to use every foul facet at their disposal to con you out of it. These are smug and paltry politicians desperately trying to con you out of your VOTE! 
They are either fighting to stay on their GRAVY TRAIN or they are fighting to get on the GRAVY TRAIN! 
This effort has long since ceased to be in the best interest of the VOTER! The best interest of the VOTER is no longer their primary concern. 

None of the parties are willing to bring in TERM LIMITS or even a  recall legislation!

Our political parties are operating in a similar fashion as that of crime syndicates! They do their best to get the public on their side; to form alliances as in a team; a team that will follow and favor their team no matter what.

A prime example of foul political con, which in this case perpetrated by the Ontario Liberal Government!

After spending $40million in an attempt to lure daily ‘Go Train’ service to Niagara all the taxpayer received  was a sordid promise that they will possibly get ‘Go Train’ SOMEDAY!

The only valid media person was Tom McConnell of CKTB Radio who correctly reported on the ‘Go Train’ announcement and who saw the whole charade for what it was worth.

And just what was it worth?

These squalid political misfits where trying to tell us that the ‘Go Train’ might be coming someday, after the next two election cycles and their cheap excuse was that we would have to spend $100Millions, on top of $40Million already spent to get the Liberal Government’s attention, to rebuild tracks and to build new train stations!

Then, coming to the aid of the scammers is Grant LaFleche of the '3penny Standard' with more 'Bovine Waste' desperately trying to justify a 7 year delay. 
Following our rant on grant he wrote this: illustrating   illustrating that 'bullshit doesn't always baffle brains'.

The perpetrators of this con stood bold faced trying to convince us that the big, fat, beautiful train used as a backdrop could not come to Niagara for seven years into the future! We are also told that the ‘Go Train’ needed a new bridge over the Welland Canal! They fail to explain how the train in the background got there. They fail to explain how that same train can travel to Niagara every summer weekend but NOT through the week.

As shown in the picture there stands political miscreants shamelessly trying to hype future promises for political expedience. 

So far only one politician has publicly stepped forward to declare concern over the veracity of the Liberal Wynne Government's decades long promise of passenger train service for Niagara. 
St. Catharines City Councilor Mat Ciscoe is quoted in the '3penny Standard' as declaring "I'll really applaud GO when I see it!"

Worthy of note is the fact that trains of all sort travel across the Niagara Gorge as well as the Welland Canal 24 hours a day some carrying passengers to and from Toronto and New York City.

Some politicians and team players might actually believe this disgusting scam but how do they justify their silence when it comes to public health risk of toxic dumping in Niagara or abuse of Niagara Citizens at the hands of the UNTOUCHABLE and UNACCOUNTABLE Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority!

The people we have elected and hired are failing us by not asking pertinent questions.

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