Saturday, 9 July 2016

Save our Wetlands from the NPCA

Many people want to know why our Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) champions development and developers over the the environment, which they are supposed to protect and Conserve. What they are assisting the developer to do to this pristine wetland, the NPCA has destroyed innocent citizens

While hundreds of citizens stood is the soft rain listening to speaker after speaker plea to save the last bastion of Provincially Significant Wetland in Niagara Falls, their stood Bruce Timms Chair NPCA Board diligently and shamelessly taking notes.

A strange spectacle since he leads the attack on the PSW. Perhaps the song "What Side are you on" conducted by Brock Professor Dr. Bacher was actually aimed at Bruce Timms?

Thanks to Brock's Professor Dr. John Bacher we have definitive answers countering the pathetic effort by the NPCA to destroy what Niagara needs in favour of an overabundance of unneeded $development and $developers.

Sadly we've learned that with the blessing of Niagara Authorities, which we have elected an hired,  the NPCA is building an evil empire more interested in $money than ecology.

Perhaps Alan Jamieson, a Cayuga Nation senior, spelled things out in frank terms.
“You have enough malls, enough shopping centers,” he said. “You have enough.” 


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