Sunday, 26 June 2016

Niagara's Mount Carcinogen still waiting

Following up on scuttlebutt and complaints 'News Alert Niagara' (NAL) decided to investigate the Welland Ontario Toxic dump site.

Greeting us at the site was a damaged sign spelling out details of the site.

Arriving at the entrance to the site, tucked far back of the shopping plaza, it was somewhat unsettling to find an over-abundance of security ostensibly to protect a benign pile of dirt.

Suspicions rising we decided to investigate further. 

Volunteers traced a steady stream of fully loaded dump trucks streaming in from various locations including Hamilton steel mills etc leaving empty

Since the entire site was totally fenced in and we where being challenged by security, we knew we would have to use aerial reconnaissance to get a grasp on the situation. 

The aerial photographs only served to heighten out concerns. 

Details Mount Carcinogen
34Meters from Toxin pond to river
36 Meters Base of Mount Carcinogen to River
Waterloo Barrier estimated lifespan 20-25 years
Height of Mount Carcinogen 35 Meters
Length of Mount Carcinogen sight 500 Meters
Width of Mount Carcinogen sight 230 Meters

The whole exercise left us with more question than answers.

Why did Walker Industries pay $13M?

Why did the Ministry of Natural Resources approve this?

Why did the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority approve this?

Why does Walker Industries pay $millions annually to build Mount Carcinogen?

Did Walker Industries Pay $millions to the Niagara peninsula Conservation Authority?

Why so much security for a “benign” pile of dirt?

Why a ‘curtain of steel’ to protect from what?

Has anyone read the menu board sign?

Is this the same official story as ‘Love Canal’?

Will Mt. Carcinogen result in ‘Love Canal’ health problems?

Why a Mountain of Carcinogens in the urban area of the City of Welland?

Who is responsible?

It's time for honest answers that we'll probably never get... 


  1. Just like our governments. A whole lot of toxic corruption, covered over with a few layers of "supposedly harmless bull crap"!

  2. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ all I can say. Walkers pockets are deep and so are politicians.

    1. I know some of the back ground to this because I got in their way. Your comment is right on!