Monday, 14 December 2015


Isn’t it wonderful? Our authorities can violate a citizen’s constitutional rights with impunity.

They can even bear false witness and perjury in a court of law against the same citizen that they violated.

We’re talking about the Fred Bracken case. News Alert Niagara covered the case from the beginning. You can read all about it including THE HONOURABLE MR. JUSTICE R. J. NIGHTINGALE’s judgment by clicking here.

If not bad enough that the Regional Regime violated Mr. Bracken’s constitutional rights, but now we have learned that the whole unnecessary fiasco has cost the Niagara Taxpayers over $51,000.00 of their hard earned dollars in court cost.

YUP you read it right! Not one thin dime will be borne by the arrogant miscreants who caused the mess! These miscreants not only caused the mess but they also perjured themselves in court to defend their squalid conduct.

Sadly it’s far from over. There is still the lawsuit to be resolved. At this point Bracken is only asking for $25K but that will no doubt be another $50,000 in court cost, which will undoubtedly and dramatically escalate if taken to superior court, and again the violators will pass the costs on to the hapless Niagara taxpayer.

Since YouTube Investigator Fred Bracken was closing in on corruption, the perjurers of the regime decided to abuse #423.1 of our criminal code as a way to shut Bracken up. Evidence of criminal intent can be found in the fact that these miscreants spent $thousands for the visible presence of police officers during council in an effort to paint Bracken as dangerous and to impede the YouTube journalist in 'transmitting information to the public' (Article #423 and #423.1 of the Criminal code).

People are asking why, since these proven liars have taken their activity into the realm of criminality, these miscreants are not personally paying the court cost or even why they are allowed to stay on the Niagara Regional Regime’s payroll?

Considering Niagara’s poverty level surely ‘Taxpayer’s Money’ could be put to better use than bailing out the Niagara Regime’s miscreants.

Is there a message here? 

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