Friday, 20 November 2015

Secrecy Breeds Corruption!

What is going on with the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority?

Only 1 day after the devastating NPCA Board Meeting Preston Haskell of ‘News Alert Niagara’ (NAN) ran into a similar situation at the Community Liaison Committee Meeting (CLAC).

As many people are aware, Haskell uses a recording device to take notes at public events predicated on physical reasons.

Recording of the meeting was producing very little in the sparkling news department until Co-Chair Jonathan Whyte, representing developers on CLAC spotted the recording device. Click Here to listen to recording.

November 19, 2015 Community Liaison Committee Meeting (CLAC) held at Henry of Pelham Winery

Other than the fact that the minutes of the meeting held no resemblance to the recording of the meeting only signifies that there could be something amiss. 

The only thing slightly newsworthy was the part of the recording revealing the character of Co-Chair Jonathan Whyte (Developer) and CAO of NPCA Carmen D’Angelo. 

It was enlightening to hear CAO D’Angelo counseling people NOT to make comments in a public meeting. Mark Bicknell then refused to make his presentation as advised by D’Angelo.

The whole episode is very disturbing to watch while these public figures try to dictate what and how media can or can’t do in a public forum and that a camera or a recording device for taking notes, which is used by many news and information outlets universally without censor, can derail a public meeting of so-called citizen advisers; Citizen advisers that are under pressure to sign a non-disclosure contract over secret advise.

Should 'News Alert Niagara' be flattered that the leaders of CLAC worry about not being able to control this media's ethics?

Could it be that it is the conduct of the NPCA toward private property owners that makes them prefer to operate in secret

Secrecy Breeds Corruption!

For the benefit of Mr. Jonathan Whyte, he and anyone else is invited to visit ‘News Alert Niagara’ or ‘the MIRROR on line’, where they can examine our ethics and are allowed to comment under each and every News Alert Niagara article. 

Anyone interested can CLICK HERE for Preston Haskell's bio.

Suggestion: Click HERE before challenging someone else's ethics.

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