Thursday, 30 July 2015


It’s got to be serious when your local newspaper publishes dozens of front-page articles attacking one Niagara Regional Councilor.

Eventually one becomes cognizant of the words in Shakespeare’s play ‘Hamlet’ lamenting that such a caustic overload of venal information might indicate a situation of “doth protest too much, methinks”.

Surely such an amount of resounding and shrill headlines are more appropriately reserved for things of earth-shattering importance as opposed to one newsman’s vendetta against one Municipal Councilor, whose religious stance on same-sex marriage runs counter to the newsman’s personal opinion!

Why did St. Catharines ‘STANDARD’ writer, Grant LaFleche, use his position and his newspaper to affect his full blown assault on Niagara Regional Councilor Andy Petrowski?

The reason for the vendetta appears to be that LaFleche was incensed by a tweet from Petrowski which read: Obama singing "Amazing Grace" the day he condones same sex marriage, talk about a perverted mind?!

Perhaps for some people comments like: Obama singing "Amazing Grace" the day he condones same sex marriage, talk about a perverted mind, rates right up there with some of the world’s most earth shattering events great enough to spur on a drive to totally destroy the beleaguered councilor for railing against same-sex marriage juxtaposed to the U.S. President singing ‘Amazing Grace’ at a tragic funeral.

The question is what percentage of people is not supportive of same-sex marriage?

Didn’t matter to STANDARD newsman LaFleche! He took it upon himself to gain an interview with Petrowski in order to sucker Petrowski into a philosophic conversation regarding his religious beliefs. CRAFTY!

LaFleche then led the charge with his tax-and-spend crowd to carry on their sordid effort to destroy the beleaguered ‘champion of frugality’!

Beleaguered because this phenomenon isn’t new!

Hell no!

Petrowski had set the ‘Tax-and-Spend’ crowd abuzz before he ever thought of running for politics. His political enemies were startled when Petrowski made a citizen presentation that took exception to the Regional Chair’s remark that ‘even people living in straw houses could afford the $1.2M tax increase. Classifying himself as ‘The Water Bill Warrior’ didn’t help either! Now he is in his second term as a Regional Councilor and is still striving to hold down wasteful spending.

Month after month, year after year this battle scared ‘bull in the china shop’ plods on with swords protruding from his back placed there by socialist parasites determined to remove this impediment to their gravy train.

In no particular order there was the odious ‘Tim Lewis Story’ that Chair Buroughs failed to investigate. The police pulling rank over our elected Regional Council. Last but not least the tragic Bob Hansplant story, ‘A Cry for Help’, which brought on the $40K expenditure toward the hiring of a deceitful ‘Integrity Commissioner’, who not only failed in his duty to investigate by interviewing only the plaintive witnesses but by also lying in his report.

The longtime award-winning reporter at the St. Catharines Standard noted that, ‘it is easy to be for free speech when the speech in question is what you like. You have to be in favour of free speech for the views you dislike, or you are not in favour of free speech’.

So what was it about Councilor Petrowski’s speech that would trigger the strong proponent of free speech to launch into such a venal vendetta even to the point of coaching other reporters on how to approach Councilor Petrowski?

Lafleche championed NRP Chief McGuire who wasted no time digging his spurs into police board vice chair Petrowski, leaving out of course the fact that he sets violent criminals loose on unsuspecting citizens.  Now NRP Chief McGuire and the NRPSB can chew on THIS.


Did Petrowski use any of the typical, common or disgusting slurs against anyone?   Did he use his position to participate in a decades long vendetta against anyone?   Did he use his position to financially chisel Niagara taxpayers?   Did he use his position in an attempt to deprive Niagara Citizens the right to be heard by our Regional Council?   Did he sit by as a Regional Councilor and knowingly allow Regional Bumblecrats destroy Niagara Families predicated on greed?   Did he sit silent on the NRPSB while Convicted violent criminals where allowed to remain by the NRP Chief?  Does he run to the media trying to hurt his fellow councilors?

Its a very long list of economy crippling activity right here in Niagara and all the 'long-time' St. Catharines ‘STANDARD’ award-winning writer, Grant LaFleche can focus on is Councilor Petrowski's rightful opinion regarding same-sex marriage, which by the way is an opinion shared by a preponderance of our society?

And how many times does Councilor Petrowski have to apologize for twittering: Obama singing "Amazing Grace" the day he condones same sex marriage, talk about a perverted mind?!

Who will apologize for allowing toxic pollution to flow into our storm sewers or the mountain of carcinogen piled alongside the Welland River?

The expose' of Empire Building and Tyranny clearly illustrates that there are more serous situations that are being systematically ignored, while our local press and even our Regional Government participates in an ongoing campaign to ‘Get Petrowski’!

Some of Petrowski’s fellow Regional Councilors found themselves fawning all over the only presenter on the subject to the extent that there was not a single word regarding how so many Canadians feel about same-sex marriage.

Professional public speaker and political opponent to Petrowski, Mr. Ted Mouradian treated Regional Councilors to an awesome torrent of ‘outrage, shock, insult, and hurt' that he felt by Petrowski’s views on same-sex marriage. He talked a lot about tolerance and even chastised the councilors for the damage they had done by the lack of response to intolerance, while nowhere in his presentation did he display a modicum of tolerance even after the repeated apologies from Councilor Petrowski.

Could the lack of response that shocked and outraged Mr. Mouradian have been sourced from the mixed emotion regarding private opinion regarding same-sex marriage? Where some councilors caught between not wanting to be seen as favoring same-sex marriage and their desire to censure their perceived impediment to their spending?

And is it over? Apparently not!  Now we have another political opportunist collecting signatures from his circle of like-minded friends to demand that Councilor Petrowski be removed from committees, the NRPSB in particular.

Like Ted Mouradian, Sean Poldon also ran against Petrowski for Niagara Regional Council. There is a distinct possibility that the preponderance of their faux concern is that they get what they want at the expense of everything and everyone else.

LaFleche labeled the Niagara Regional Council as a council without courage. This council abandoned God and their invocation in favour of a moments silence followed immediately by standing to sing O’Canada, with its four references to God! 

Only three weeks later they opted to deviate again to a ‘statement’ predicated on a rant from an “A” personality.

Our Niagara Region would do a lot better if we paid more attention to the needs of Niagara and its people and less concern for sexual proclivities or stinky libido.

Fortunately everyone can witness the whole council episode by clicking here.

PS: “Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear." -Harry S. Truman


  1. I like Andy Petrowski as a Regional Councillor because he keeps the Region’s spending in check. I understand Petrowski’s views on same sex marriage is his opinion, not mine. He’s apologized to those he offended SEVERAL TIMES. Can we please move on?! I hope Grant LaFleche can find it in his heart to write some human interest stories, concerning all of us living in the Niagara Region: homelessness and poverty and how it affects us as a society and what we can do about it. I would like to see the same passion, same amount of stories rehashing the same issue he gave to Andy Petrowski. If I see one more stupid story on the Andy topic; I will stop buying the newspaper! Enough already!!

  2. Andy thank you for just saying like it is. Not everyone will agree with your opinion, but it is just that an opinion. Keep the iron hot, don't faultier on your efforts to control and make reckless spending an all important issue. Councillors need to be held accountable and it is a person like you that makes them think about their responsibilities of office to the tax payer.

    Thank you Andy.

  3. Anyone telling the truth, in these "politically correct" times, is attacked. Don't let it bother you. It means that you've touched a raw nerve.
    The Lefties don't care what the majority of people want, they are only interested in what they want. Socialism sucks.

  4. There is supposed to be freedom of speech in this country and everyone ( including politicans ) are entitled to their opinions. Kathleen Wynne is not shy or hesitant about forcing her opinions and life style on the rest of Ontario. Maybe Mr Petrowski is not high enough on the scale to be allowed to express his opinion... The fuss about his comment is just another cover-up by the region fo divert attention for the scams they are really pulling..

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  6. Interesting to read our former Mayor Rigby’s comments in the Toronto Star Newspaper considering the abuse he heaped on some of the Henley Rowing Corporation’s neighbors.

    Obviously there is enough malevolence to go around.

  7. Grant LaFleche is a mouthpiece for the establishment while Petrowski looks out for the common private citizen.

    We can live without people like LaFleche, but I would never want to live in a country without people like Andy.

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