Thursday, 9 July 2015

A Mother's Plea to Our Prme Minister

Dear Prime Minister Harper,

                                                     I am writing this letter, to ask for your help.  I have been fighting to protect my son, from a wind turbine project, that the Liberal Gov. in Ontario, is putting into our “unwilling community”.  
 I have shown an enormous amount of proof, including a letter from my son’s specialist, saying that the emissions from the wind turbines would be harmful to Joey.

I went to the Environmental Review Tribunal, but the entire affair was slanted in favour of the wind company.  They had nothing to show that my son would not be harmed, and they ignored the mountain of evidence I had produced, proving harm. 
The MOE said my only option, to protect my son, would be to use money we do not have, to hire a lawyer.  Please advise me of how I can get a lawyer to help Joey.  I believe, as Health is a Federal matter, that the Federal Government, should help my son.  Please respond as soon as possible, so this matter can be settled, before the onslaught from the 608 ft., 3 MW wind turbines, begins.

The wind turbine closest to our home, would be 550M away.  That is the minimum setback, for the much smaller, quieter machines.  This is a horrific thing to do to a child who suffers from severe sensory processing issues, as well as ADHD, and anxiety, all diagnosed, and treated with various medications.

I am working hard to educate people about the government-sanctioned abuse happening in Ontario, to rural residents.   
The Green Energy Act is allowing big business to come in and harm people, with no means of protecting the vulnerable citizens.  Everyone can understand that this is wrong.  It is cruel, to allow this to go on any longer.  My website has thousands of articles explaining the facts behind the entire wind scheme.  
We are counting on you, to help us correct the situation, at the Federal level.  There is no such thing, as a law, or regulation, that should let a gov’t turn a blind eye, to people being harmed, by an industry they have condoned, and supported.

Once again, I must ask, please respond to my letter, as soon as possible.  The company has begun building an access road, this week.  The wind turbines have to be stopped, or my family has to be moved/protected.

                                   Yours sincerely,

                                   Shellie C. Correia

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  1. I am hoping with everything in me, that our prayers are answered, and the corrupt Liberal government, is held accountable! What they are doing to the people in this province, is despicable! Harming children with impunity. It doesn't get much worse than that!