Thursday, 15 January 2015

Right from Wrong

Not even two weeks into the new year of 2015 the St. Catharines ‘STANDARD’ showed their true colors when it comes to their political bent.

The January 8 headline reads; Politicians ‘prostitutes for the money’ predicated on a difficult decision whether or not to accept Solar Panels along with an 8% bribe.

The January 9 headline reads; ‘Conservative puppet masters rule in Niagara’  again predicated on fear that a left leaning candidate might have to run again against a new candidate instead of being acclaimed because of money. And just when has a lefty ever worried about cost?

The January 13 headline reads; Dual reps makes sense but... "To get anything through the Region these days means meeting with the approval of the right-wing cabal that imagines itself a Great Power, a gang of latter-day Machiavellis striking a blow for partisan conservatives by dealing with road repairs and sewage. Today they take Niagara, tomorrow Berlin … or at least East Main St. in Welland".

Another January 13 headline reads; Council's decision served the puppet masters complete with a lefty rant of, "Because the Conservative puppet masters in Niagara didn’t want the Liberal Edgar to fill a regional council seat. Pat yourself on the back, city council. You delivered for them".
Another headline on January 3o reads; Mayor sermonizes, congregation awaits results and this for the second time in the first month, we find the ‘STANDARD’ paying Mr. Doug Herod to use his considerable writing talent to debase our new Mayor’s very first ‘State of the City address” and Herod delivered for his masters by starting out with; ‘St. Catharines Mayor Walter Sendzik turned the annual state-of-the-city address Friday into a tent revival meeting, with the mayor serving as the newly appointed, roll-up-your-sleeves, kinetic evangelist. All that was missing was a few well-placed shouts of Hallelujah! from the audience. Clearly, someone forgot to adequately spike the Kool-Aid.’

Apparently the ''STANDARD' is petulant regarding the fact that it was the fed-up Niagara voters that gave 11 Regional Councilors the boot (two others quit for reason) not Conservative puppet masters or even the very active Liberal puppet masters!

Surely the 'STANDARD' could show a little patience! The 'STANDARD' should give the new councils time to prove themselves before they sling their slurs.

Is it good journalism to skew reports in favour of one's political party instead of reporting so much news and 'behind the scenes Machiavellian schemes' that the 'STANDARD' seems to miss? 

  Besides, what does the previous 'STANDARD' favored councils have to brag about? Is it just possible that it was the Regional Council's Liberal cabal (MOB) that stuck us with such a funding gap? The Niagara Liberals have done to Niagara's economy exactly what the Ontario Liberals have done to Ontario's economy

Because of feckless lefties on our Police Services Board we now have dozens of convicted criminals on our NRP!

The ‘STANDARD’ would rather skewer active councilors than expose lefty wrong doing as in the Tim Lewis Story or the tragic Cry for Help from a victim of the regional housing fiasco and the list goes on
Niagara Citizens are waking up to the reasons that decades long Liberals don’t face pertinent questions regarding their failures.
And if cover-up and favoritism fails, simply block (Muzzle) anyone who disagrees with the Patricians ant the STANDARD.
So much for free speech!

Interesting article by Grant Lafleche, a longtime, award-winning reporter at The Catharine’s Standard daily newspaper who says, "it is easy to be for free speech when the speech in question is what you like". 

"You have to be in favour of free speech for the views you dislike, or you are not in favour of free speech".

That obviously does not apply with the STANDARD Newspaper that Grant Lefleche works for.

Perhaps Mr. Lafleche could find out and tell us the reason that Preston Haskell has been denied his freedom of speech by Grant’s newspaper, while their favourites spew hatred and harm to others?

Examples below...

Matt Harris you turned out to be a rat...boot licking rat falling at the feet of Lord Watler....shame on you

I say that all these jerks who refuse to do the right and moral thing should dump their crap on Preston's property. Sounds like he approves of your civil disobedience and completely understands you. He feels your pain.
Use google maps to find his property.

 Learning RIGHT from WRONG 


 We are sad to report that Mr. Haskell’s customary comments under The St. Catharines' ‘STANDARD’ articles are now being blocked or immediately removed.
Mark Cressman Publisher, St.Catharines Standard Wrote
 I don't have anything to do with deleting comments.  Please direct these emails to Peter Conradi at or Erica Bajer at

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