Thursday, 8 January 2015

Access Denied

In response to the questions asked by Canadoo Nutter regarding the article in the St. Catharines STANDARD;

"This is what you get when the media fails to do their job. How come the public doesn't know what this complaint was about? How come the Standard hasn't printed any emails or replies in that email chain quoted in this article? How come the Standard has not asked the police chief or Andy what this complaint was about so the people can hear the news? All we have now is that a complaint was filed 5 months ago, nobody knows what it's about, nobody knows who was involved, and that's the end of it"

The complaint stems from the Niagara Regional Police trying to affect decisions made by Regional Council.

It started when senior police officers, including Chief McGuire, decided to remain in the spectator gallery after the Regional Councilors went into closed door session. Their self declared right to remain to observe the in-camera activities was abruptly ended when Councilor Debbie Zimmerman gave the NRP officers the boot.

Reports are that the NRP further tried to affect the council’s decisions regarding the location of a police station in the city of St. Catharines, by way of Telephone calls to CAO Harry Schlange.

Regional Councilor Andy Petrowski objected to the police behavior and said so to all involved in an e-mail.

Now you know what Chief McGuire objected too and why he laid charges against Councilor Petrowski, a councilor interfering with corrupt practices that adversely affect his constituents!  
QMI Standard,Tribune and Review suppresses news and information with one sided, slanted and omission!
We are sad to report that Mr. Haskell’s customary comments under The St. Catharines' 'STANDARD’ articles are now being blocked or immediately removed and they refuse to show a reason.


Mark Cressman Publisher, St.Catharines Standard Wrote
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