Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Here we go again!

Another ‘anyone but Petrowski campaign’

Even before Andy Petrowski first ran for elected office he made himself a target of the ‘Old Boys’ on regional council by attacking one of the most sinful and tyrannical bylaws ever perpetrated on the citizens of Niagara. When the dust settled the bylaw that barred the public from their own public forum was rescinded, mostly because of the tongue-lashing from the outraged voices on CKTB radio.

Petrowski’s efforts on behalf of the taxpayer kicked-off one of the most disgusting attacks on a sitting Regional Councilor in Niagara’s history. He was the victim of every kind of distortion, lies, and false accusations; from every department under the control of the stinky ‘Old Guard’ socialists worried about their ‘Gravy Train’.

During the 2014 election we witnessed the fact that the public saw through the ‘Old Guard’s Charade’ and turfed out some of the miscreants at the ballot box.  Even the Regional Chair got the boot with only 7 favorable votes.

But, here we go again! Predicated on the mere thought that Councilor Andrew Petrowski might be elected to the underwhelming Niagara Regional Police Services Board we suffered having feckless Ontario sponsored board members disparaging Petrowski to the public and even going so far as to pressure regional council members not to vote for Petrowski for the NRPS board!

And just what do we get following the election of Petrowski to the police board? According to the ‘Standard’ we get the Vice chair Vaughn Stewart spewing chair D’Angela’s now famous diatribe that, “The Police Act is very specific about what we can’t do”.  Stewart said of board members. “It takes a while to really learn what you can and can’t do”

That’s just fine, but nobody asked the NRPSB to do anything it can’t do!

Vaughn Stewart stated, “For example, in the Police Act, we are strictly forbidden from telling the chief how to do day-to-day operations. We set policy. We don’t direct police officers to do things. If someone does, they would find themselves off the board in a hurry.”

The only thing asked of you and your ineffective board was; ‘Who do we see about the fact that we have admitted and convicted armed and dangerous criminals on our Niagara Regional Police force?’

So tell us Mr. Vaughn Stewart, just what policy did you set? Surely you didn’t set policy allowing the police chief to operate outside of accepted norms? And perhaps you would tell us how long it takes to understand that wrong is wrong?

No Sir, Mr. Vaughn Stewart, the NRPSB has the power to set policy constraining the police chief from harboring convicted violent criminals, senseless bullies, thieves, smugglers, tattlers, dangerous drunk drivers and lying perjurers on our police force.

Unlike the Toronto Police Board, which refused to renew the contract of their G20 police chief, our Chairman of the NRPSB Henry D'Angela, heaped high praise on NRP Chief Jeff McGuire and then extended Chief McGuire's contract to the year 2020.

NRP Chief McGuire and the past NRPSB have brought the NRP into noted disrepute.

Since 'News Alert Niagara' was the source defining what was going on at our NRP and its board it must be assumed that 'News alert Niagara' is responsible for the Region's contingent on the board to be so unceremoniously dumped.
The chairman of the police board could only muster two votes and those two votes from his seconders.
Regional Chair Burroughs got the boot from both his Regional Chairmanship (only 7 votes) as well as being kicked off the police board.

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