Sunday, 27 January 2019

Government Subterfuge

Following the Niagara Regional Council Meeting of January 17, 2019, ‘News Alert Niagara’ posted an article titled ‘License to Loot’ outlining government theft of Canadian Family equity in their private property. Only a commerce-killing socialist would champion a greenspace law of equity-theft without redress and then complain about Bill 66 not having redress!
During that same council meeting we witness several presentations regarding the ‘Clean Water Act’.
What jumped out at us was the deliberate use, misuse and prevarication of the 2000 Walkerton poison water scandal as if that decades old tragedy was an excuse to repeatedly ignore the years of serious water contamination. The bi-partisan presenter’s foresight seems somewhat lacking and out of date by nearly two (2) decades!
News Alert Niagara has been warning of water contamination since 2012 as can be substantiated by the post at the top right-hand side of every one of our articles.

News Alert Niagara posted several articles regarding the toxic mountain rising in Welland, Ontario leaching into the Welland River immediately upstream from our drinking water intake!

News Alert Niagara Railed against the attempt to rain toxic airborne pollutants over our pristine growing garden of Niagara.

The fact is that, it is government that is responsible for the greater preponderance of water pollution leaving us to speculate that the so-called ‘Clean Water Act’ is just subterfuge as a misleading croc of bovine waste designed to bamboozle the Canadian Citizen!

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  1. Government isn't really concerned about environment, pollution, abuse, if they can apply taxes and be bribed to turn a blind eye, they will, ex: Montreal dumping sewage into the St. Lawrence