Sunday, 20 January 2019

License to Loot

The agony of sitting at the media desk at Niagara Regional Council listening to repeated presentations regarding ‘The Greenbelt’.
First up was NDP MPP Jeff Burch inadvertently advising Council to “beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing”.
Second presenter, Mr. Brody Longmeer a citizen with obvious political aspirations expanded his concerns with a well thought out and highly informative Message regarding the corruption of government.
The discussion related to the government theft of private and personal property through the passing of rules primarily concocted to give the government legal authority to steal a family's equity by taking control of their private possessions.
Money hungry governments are attacking private property equity on all fronts predicated on their inability to properly husband resources!
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Conservative MPP Sam Oosterhoff clarified, with his assurances that the Ford Government “is not touching the Greenbelt. Bill 66 will not impact the Greenbelt. It does not touch the Clean Water Act. Oosterhoff stressed that his government was trying to create prosperity and good jobs by bringing the 7-year logjam down to 1-year for development approvals.
Throughout all the back and forth of questions and answers, one phrase stood out loud and clear and that was the arrogant statement that “First of all we must do no harm”
However, ‘do no harm’ is currently doing harm to many families by Government Agencies and municipal governments using and abusing rules and regulations to steal a family’s equity.
The honourable and moral remedy  husbanding greenspace is to determine the value of the built-up equity  and compensate the Family for the so-called ‘Common Good’.
Compensation is accorded expropriation for such thing as expanding highways etc.; yet it is somehow deemed appropriate to steal a family’s equity. Steal the built-up equity from a man’s children, grandchildren and following generations.
Everyone wants pristine green space but how many would like to be offered compensation of only that which they paid for their house and property and not the current value on the basis that the loss of equity is for the ‘Common Good’?
Not one person in the council chamber spoke on behalf of the families suffering for the ‘Common Good’!
Apparently it's okay to pass laws that abuse as long as they abuse someone else!

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  1. 1. The Greenbelt is only applied to rural properties. Farmer's are suffering the consequences. They can't entice buyers unless they want to sell below real estate value, can't sever a couple of acres for family members to build a house to help their parents with the farm; all because of the many Greenbelt restrictions.
    2. The Greenbelt imposes restrictions on private property that limits what you can do on your property as well as what it's ultimately worth (due to restrictions buyers shy away from these properties).
    3. It leaves property owners that are not in the Greenbelt with the mistaken impression that they somehow have a right to speak to someone else's private property.
    4. If our government continues to impose strict restrictions on private property *NOTE not on municipal or Region properties; we will soon be getting all our food from China.
    5. Visit the Ministry of Natural Resources site which will validate that 87% of the land mass is owned by the province. If they want a percentage of Greenbelt why are they not imposing it on the land they own?
    6. For those who feel strongly that we need more Greenbelt, please offer up your property for the designation.

  2. Thank you for your comment, it is true, those that do not live in the green belt seem to want to control it. Yet they never donate their property and life's work to pay off a property to give it to the province to control. If the people outside of the green belt want it preserved then purchase the property and donate it for that purpose. What we are witnessing here is theft of private property.

  3. Regarding the Greenbelt, the underlying legislation has more to do with government control over land use, structures, utility corridors than environmental. It is easy for the dense populations, ie cities, to support 'green' initiatives like the greenbelt but they likely do not read the legislation nor understand the impact on the many private landowners. The Greenbelt has a negative impact on private property as it is another layer of government controls and costs. Actions by the government for the public good should not be the burden of the individual but rather by society as a whole. Just like the need to widen a road requires compensation to the property losing frontage, refer to the Expropriations Act, so should there be compensation for those affected by the Greenbelt. What is surprising is that the Greenbelt legislation includes clauses that the state the Greenbelt is not subject to the Expropriation Act and further that there can be no liability for enforcement of the Greenbelt Act. This is not the kind of governance that I feel appropriate in Canada. Further there are lands which the government does not have jurisdiction over to legislate over for the Greenbelt. Why? Take for example lands which governance, or Crown, gave more property rights to some lands in past but now ignore that and legislate over those lands anyway. Specifically I refer to 'crown grants' which were included in the confederation of Canada. Current governance is the caretaker of these crown grants but has failed to use due diligence to ensure they have the right to legislate over such lands. It is my opinion that land with a crown grant that gives the right to the ownership over everything under on or above the land means that Greenbelt, Conservation, Heritage, Endangered Species, and other legislation, cannot apply. In summary actions for the benefit of society are to be born by society, not just the individual.