Monday, 2 January 2017

The Welland Love Canal

How fortunate we are to have Tim McVicar, vice-president of transfer and disposal at Walker Environmental, to propagandize the history of the Atlas Landfill 'Remediation Project' with city staff and councilors, during a bus trip to the top of Mount Carcinogen, on Wednesday December 14, 2016 in Welland, Ont.
Now why would it be necessary to take the city fathers to the top of Mount Carcinogen, in the dead of winter? Was it an attempt to convince them that their giant pile of pollutants is benign and that their are no toxic substances or carcinogens?
The very sign at the gate says otherwise!

Did McVicar explain why soil from clean-up sites deemed so hazardous it had to be taken to Mount Carcinogen were it is suddenly considered safe?

Did McVicar explain that the dangerous materials formerly dumped in the extremely hazardous and infamous 'Randal's Reef' is now being buried in Mount Carcinogen?

Water under bridge: A sign on Highway 406 near the Welland River that says “water protection zone” is one of several in Niagara that alert emergency officials there’s a drinking water intake nearby. 
Did McVicar happen to mention that Mount Carcinogen is located just a few hundred  meters UP-STREAM from drinking water intake?
According to the Allan Benner article McVicar admitted that 'with heavy rainfalls untreated leachate has been discharged directly into the river'
Surely McVicar didn't spout the debunked lie that the Carcinogens would never reach the river because everything was encased in steel! 
It is encased in steel but the company that produced the 'Waterloo Steel Barrier' say its lifespan is rated for only 20/25 Years
Why does Mr. McVicar sound like the those that told us 'The Love Canal' was SAFE? 

Did anyone dare to ask Mr. McVicar, if Mount Carcinogen is so safe why does he, the MOE and the NPCA  disapprove of an independent citizen committee to test the materials?

Who will be responsible for the $Billions of dollars in remedial costs if this Mount Carcinogen is deemed hazardous?
And just who will be responsible for Health Care litigation?

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  1. The Niagara River frequently flows in the opposite direction which means the water intake could be downstream of the dumping site on days. Also, no mentions of Jean Vanier highschool. Can air born dust particles reach the school when the wind blows from the north?