Sunday, 25 June 2017

Victor Hugo was Here

So was Jean but not Jean Valjean. No this Jean was not the man of the galley prison ship who served 19 years for stealing a loaf of bread. 

No this Jean is Mrs. Jean Thomas of the 'Jean & Peter Story.

Jean more resembles 'Fantine' in Victor Hugo’s 1862 historical novel ‘Les Miserables’. 
This Jean is the ‘Lady of the Horses’ who is being so viciously persecuted by a 21st century imitation of 'Javert' using a corrupted modern day version of 19th Century legal system.
Like most Citizens Jean and Peter where living their lives blissfully content with raising their two children and bothering nobody.  

Their home wasn’t even visible from the highway. 

They had literally no neighbors to bother with. It was to all extent and purposes the perfect place for the 'Lady of Horses' to raise and nurture her notable steeds. They had their cozy home and an excellent barn. The only thing needed was an equestrian exercise ring.

Like all of the things one does on their own property Jean and Peter had suitable soil brought in to pad the equestrian exercise ring.

Whoa up there Citizen! It’s at this point you discover that you are only the poor sucker that paid for the property! You discover that you are only the owner of the property. You are not the sole arbiter of the property. That right has been wrenched from you by an empire building, grasping and money hungry arm of an ever tyrannical government.

Your constitutional rights have been violated! 

Your protection mandated under the Conservation Act has been trashed! 

Your legal protections have been denied you and your right to privacy held in total disregard. 

How do I know this? I know this by sitting through the dozens of never ending tortuous trials of the hapless couple. I witnessed firsthand how ‘monsewer Javert’ conducted himself on the witness stand with his self-righteous justification of illegal trespass to his taking control of operations on Jean and Peter’s property. I witnessed the evil 'Javert's' smug claim of taking advantage of Jean’s amiable personality to pump her for information while never cautioning her of her legal rights and then claiming right of access predicated on a friendly perch on Jean’s Garden bench. 

I watched as arrogant 'Javert' admitted to bypassing his legal inability to issue a ‘Stop Work Order’ by instructing the truckers to dump their loads so as to barricade the work site and then proceeding to the source site to deny Jean her requisitioned soil.

So let’s get this straight he did all of the above plus taking pictures and still claims he had not yet started his investigations!

He even had the audacity to claim he wasn’t trespassing because the polite little ‘Lady of the horses’ didn’t ask him to leave.

He claims that he was there to work things out amicably. 

He worked things out alright by speciously laying phony multiple charges against the hapless couple resulting in potential penalties of $80,000 - EACH (Total $160,000) PLUS 2 years jail time for this pair of totally innocent Canadian Citizens!

Who are the ineffectual politicians responsible for this continuing travesty of immoral justice?

The first judge on the scene proudly lectured those in attendance as to why stiff penalties were needed to stop Citizens from destroying the environment and of coarse, wetlands. His point of view would be far more valid if he were talking about damage being done to an environmental wetland and not about what a Citizen does on their own private property that is not even classified as wetland.

Message to the judge: The 'Lady of the Horses' didn’t bend one blade of grass on the nearby environmental wetland nor did she steal Victor Hugo’s proverbial loaf of bread!

Please Note: Anybody wishing to dispute this story are more than welcome to do so in the comment section below...

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