Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Tyrannical Contempt for Citizens

In our article titled 'The Great Niagara Railroad Conspiracy' we wrote that 'some news is not about news anymore. Some news is about protecting some people, destroying others, and promoting agenda'. 

One method of slanting the news is by omission. Some folk call this lying by omission. 

Example: In the recent article by Allan Benner, The Standard, one garners the essence of the political banter of the meeting but completely ignores the tyrannical contemp for the taxpaying Citizen! 

By totally omitting the presentation by a Citizen's committee spokesperson regarding public concerns about the rapid escalation of Pelham's portion of property taxes 'the Standard' article makes itself complicit in the tyrannical contempt for the taxpaying Citizen!

During the Audit Committee Meeting of June 12, 2017 the CAO of Pelham used Pelham's 335 page report plus addendum to point out alleged false and misleading statement of alarmed regional councilors. In all of the back and forth of accusations and allegations the whole stinking circus of arguments and platitudes completely evades the specter of runaway taxation. 
 At the 1:40 minute mark of the Audit Meeting you can witness the Citizen Committee Spokesperson delivering a polite and considerate presentation of taxation burdens complete with actual % increases. Not the disgusting bovine waste used to misinform the Taxpaying Citizens
  At the 1:55 minute mark witness for yourself the embarrassing specter displayed by Pelham Mayor and Regional Councilor Dave Augustyn in his effort to divert and nullify the presenter's pointed position! At one point it was even stated that they could increase debt enough to build two Burgoyne Bridges!

No matter how you cut it, runaway taxation is no way to respect the taxpaying Citizen. Eventually the 'Tax and Spend' crowd will spark a backlash!

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