Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Petrowski: They got 'im

Regional Councilor Andy Petrowski wasn't in council chamber for the council meeting on the evening of June 8, 2017. 

No, Petrowski was on leave.

However, that didn't stop the posse out to 'get him' from continuing their vendetta starting with the failed former St. Catharines Mayor, Tim Rigby at the 3:38 minute mark of Niagara Council's public video.

You will notice that in the absence of Petrowski the Region attempts to bring in an 'Industrial Development Charge' to garner 'Pennies' with no regard to our negative employment situation. 

You will also notice that the 'Get Petrowski' vendetta followed Councilor Annunziatta's squalid attempt to paint Niagara as an anti-semetic hot-spot in his effort to get even with a local MPP who had to throw him and his fellow NPCA official, Councilor Bruce Timms, out of her office for extreme belligerence.

Still, they successfully achieved their goal of getting him off the committees, boards,etc. and out of the way of their 'Tax & Spend' proclivities or should it be called 'Tax & Waste' since so many $millions remain unaccounted for?

Fortunately 'News Alert Niagara' (NAN) is not beholding to government advertising handouts leaving NAN free to chronicle the Machiavellian machinations of the Niagara Regional Regime.

Seven years of 'politics of personal destruction' aided and abetted by the Trolls and Stalkers of the St. Catharines 'Standard' newspaper, while remaining collectively silent on the Region's council of corruption.

Its one thing to suffer through alcoholics, perjurers, liars, fornicators, adulterers, connivers, bankruptcy artists and vindictive creeps but its another thing altogether to have these same sordid individuals spouting lofty words like dignity, integrity, honesty, respect and ethics.

News Alert Niagara has been expecting more from those we have hired and elected in tackling some of Niagara's ills. But no, all we get is ego laden braggadocio and hour after hour of scheming against each other as if they really do have something to brag about!

On June 6, 2017 we challenged the Region regarding the integrity of their Integrity Commissioner's report. They said they took our challenge to their lawyer, Stirling Wood. They responded to their councilors within hours. What we received was their usual contemp of silence!

Below is our second attempt to get clarity on the application of their use of the Code of Conduct. 

ALL 3 complaints were dealt with at the previous Council meeting on May 18 and at that time Council passed motions on ALL 3 complaints. In all 3 cases Council ADDED to the choice of "Penalties" as allowed under the Act.
For all 3 complaints (ie. Pelham Town Hall/Committee Meeting & Augustyn Tweets & Scripture Tweets) Council passed a "reprimand" penalty but also added its own penalty in the form of "requesting an apology".
To the third complaint, Council also passed penalizing language about a Twitter usage. Then at Council meeting on June 8, Council added its own FOURTH penalty to the third complaint in the form of "suspending Petrowski from all committees, boards, etc. pending sensitivity training. Clearly, Council violated the Act with all 3 complaints. The Act is VERY specific, Council can "EITHER" "reprimand" Petrowski, which they did publicly on May 18 at last Council meeting for ALL 3 complaints OR (and Council can't do both) it can "suspend Petrowski's remuneration". Council CANNOT do both, that's why the word "EITHER" is in the ACT:

223.4 Penalties

(5)  The municipality may impose either of the following penalties on a member of council or of a local board if the Commissioner reports to the municipality that, in his or her opinion, the member has contravened the code of conduct:

1. A reprimand.

2. Suspension of the remuneration paid to the member in respect of his or her services as a member of council or of the local board, as the case may be, for a period of up to 90 days.  2006, c. 32, Sched. A, s. 98.
If the thirty geniuses we've elected where even half as smart as they think they are, then they would eventually realize that if they expended half of their effort on behalf of the Citizens of Niagara as they have in 'Getting Petrowski' perhaps Niagara would be in a far better place!



  1. Canada needs a 1st amendment.... We could do with a 2nd amendment, too. Government has become too controlling and oppressive, even willing to "eat their own", to retain the status quo. Troubled times, indeed.

  2. I agree with Shellie Correia; Troubled times. However I do believe their own chaos and trouble is self brewed.
    There just is something about power. The average person, originally well intended, can't handle the sudden 'authority' with integrity. If accountability from within and from communities were 'permitted/tolerated' perhaps the 'troubled within the organization' would rethink their own personal agendas and behaviour.
    Or if the PEOPLE had the authority to enforce accountability in questionable and detrimental actions, would the boards, councils and other agencies become sneaky (aka criminal) and delete years of documentation and communication? Just saying.