Saturday, 14 January 2017

World Wide Scam

This common Canadian story is about the greatest and most evil world wide scam ever to be perpetrated on humanity! 

Single mom Kathy Katula, 54, from Buckhorn, Ont., with her placards at her home on Saturday, January 14, 2017. (Clifford Skarstedt/Postmedia Network)

Kathy Katula's story is a common and growing story creeping up the ranks of regular Canadian Citizens.

Prime Minister's spinning response is nothing less than a jarring wake up call!

We are now questioning the bovine waste emanating from our elected flannel master  about not allowing pipelines to run through Quebec in favour of the allowing extremely more dangerous rail tankers through the heart of huge urban areas!

Canada's oil sands are claimed to be large emitters and are now subject to a 'climate test' - but when it comes to saving the planet, keeping the Marshall Islands from drowning by sea level rise, and Montreal safe from climate change due to pipelines... the truth is stranger than fiction. 

Marshall Islands host the third largest marine fleet in the world; Montreal ships in oil to its refineries by marine tanker from more than 7,000 km distance. 

Just 16 big ships using marine diesel heavy with as much lung clogging sulfur as all the cars in the world.

If you don't think this scam will effect you, just wait. These deceitful bastards will use every socialist trick in the book to deprive you of everything you own and then expect you to thank them for food stamps.

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