Monday, 30 July 2012

Patricians of Failure

Why Reform Ignoble MP  Pensions?


After just six years of service, MPs are eligible to receive one of the richest pensions in the country, and taxpayers are paying for it. Taxpayers contribute $24.36 for every $1 contributed by an MP into an MP’s pension account.

How is that possible?
Unlike normal pension plans, the MP pension fund is not actually invested into the market. By cabinet order, the fund is simply credited with 10.4% annual interest, courtesy of taxpayers. So generous is the MP Pension Plan that it is not even legal under the Income Tax Act which mandates that NO registered pension plan can exceed an accrual rate of 2% of salary for each year worked. 

(MPs have rigged up two funds to get around the law)

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Do any of our Gold-Digging ‘Patricians of Failure’
actually care that a Canadian Child has been cheated?

Try to picture the 1989 federal and provincial governments collectively vowing to wipe out ‘child poverty’ within 10 years.
23 years later these ‘Patricians of Failure’ have accomplished only two things. They have managed to exponentially increase ‘child poverty’, while even more dramatically increasing the pay and pensions of our members of Parliament.
The question is NOT how they can sleep at night knowing full well that they have deliberately morphed themselves into patrician ‘Hogs on the Trough’ cannibalizing children!
The real question is: How in the name of decency can these disgusting ‘Patricians of Failure’ sleep at night.
This is NOT a partisan hit on any one party as evidenced by the fact that all MPs are up to their eyeballs in this morally repugnant business.
‘Patricians of Failure’ cover up the problem of poverty stricken children by piling on legions of charities.
The ‘Patricians of Failure’ have turned our Canadian Society upside down; they have dangerously inverted the financial pyramid. People who once paid for their services are now buckling under the weight of an inverted pyramid of Government Patricians. 

Is there any chance that Canada can be saved with anything short of a tax revolt?

It’s time for our ‘Patricians of Failure’ 
to clean up their ignoble Mess!

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