Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Climate Con

On Wednesday June 27, 2012 the Niagara Region presented to its Council a 91 page book titled : ‘Adapting to Climate Change’ Challenges for Niagara by Jennifer Penney.
This book is possibly the most enlightening book ever printed when it comes to illustrating the character and culture of inefficient and ineffective governance.
No, not because it is filled with suppositions as indicated by 127 explicit words of fear mongering such as ‘Likely’  or distinct words  like ‘may have consequences’, ‘may result’, ‘expected’, ‘hoped’, ‘could support’,  ‘may also have adverse impacts’, ‘could have negative effects’ and ‘not certain’.
Nor even for the blatant and shameful drive to garner more ‘Back Door’ taxpayer money to be wasted on this disgusting and contradictory drivel designed for the sole purpose of empire building. Empire building exposes itself on Page 20 chapter 5.
While most people agree on the necessity of scientific understanding, assessment and proposed defensive strategy, this hodgepodge of disparate data is despicable. This book of assumption swings from drought to deluge. The creators have selected a spurious 40 year window of history to make its points for covert funding, while overlooking its own City of Welland climate records.

The most disturbing facts that this book inadvertently illustrates are:
1. The ridiculous number of overlapping entities primarily providing the same service
2. The lack of communication between these same publicly funded groups
3. The fact that so much of the garnered information is not available to the general public

While the group behind the expensive publishing of this book pleads for more funding, we have Mayors covering up the fact that pollutants are being allowed to enter our water sources!
We have City Mayors and Regional Councillors spending mega-bucks of their Citizen’s hard earned taxpayer money just to be seen as members of the ‘Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Initiative’, which has shown only a decade of failure in cleaning up the ‘Great Lakes’.
The excuse that our authorities don’t have the money to stop pollutants from entering the great lakes rings hollow in face of denial, threats to whistleblowers, lies and prevarication.
These same City Mayors and Regional Councillors don’t mind wasting those same scarce dollars on an ever-increasing army of money-munching Climate-Pretenders. Shades of NEDC!
Where do these ‘Clusters of Con’ learn how to drain a community’s resources?
We need a crack professional team on climate change. Not a shot gun posse.

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