Monday, 26 December 2016

Treachery Extraordinaire

It's just too bad that the citizens have been lead to believe that we simply vote for the candidate of our choice and expect that candidate to do their best in our interest.

We certainly have entered a time when most politicians have either entered government services for the wrong reasons or they have changed in their character once fully ensconced.

Like they say about Scotch Whiskey; Their is no bad Scotch its just that some are better than others! 

It appears that there are no bad political councilors (maybe) its just that some are better than others!

In our Niagara Regional Council their are those that are more effective in holding the line on tax increases by standing in the way of 'Tax & Waste'.

The best place to hold the line on 'Tax & Waste' is at the committee level. But if you are a councilor that is noted as being successful as a 'Tax & Waste' fighter you will be ostracized by the 'Tax & Waste' crowd! 

Then along come the December 8, 2016 Niagara Regional Council Meeting

Unbelievably the Petrowski Trolls were at it again!

If you have not been following the saga of the Petrowski trolls we are pleased to enlighten you with links to past attacks by the bully trolls

The Council meeting, Dec. 8, 2016 started out with a chilling alarm so devastating that it seemed that we needed an 'integrity Commissioner' immediately if not sooner. What followed was two and a quarter hours of agonizing over something so sinister that it couldn't even be mentioned! 

Their was a hint regarding the situation being addressed by that perennial Petrowski basher, former political loser to Petrowski Jeff Burch. 

Turns out that Petrowski's political enemies are trolling Petrowski's tweets hoping to pick off anything they can use in their efforts to stifle Petrowski's efforts on behalf of his constituents.

And just what did they find in trolling Petrowski's Tweets?

They found that he is a Trump fan! They found that a link turned up a Jew convert to Christianity  called Brother Nathanael.

So what's the charge? Is it that whiskery ole' Nate points out that a small group of Chicago Jews did something? 

Is that an attack on all Jews? Does that make it anti-semitic? Does that make YouTube anti-semitic?  Does that make Google anti-semitic? 

OH NO! That charge is reserved for 'Tax & Waste' Fighter Petrowski! 

Before someone woke up to what was going on during the Dec. 8, 2016 Regional Council meeting there were councilors well on their way to censoring Petrowski; removing him from committees and if possible denying him his pay!

So far they have accused him of poking a woman's chest so hard that her ID badge popped off, which proved to be an bald-faced lie

They attacked him for not approving abortion. 

They besmirched him for not accepting same-sex marriage. 

They belittled him for raising concerns regarding inadequate vetting of refugees.

They charged him with hate speech predicated on Biblical passages. 

This time they have gone too far. This time they would drive a wedge between Christians and Jews just to 'Get Petrowski' and that is unforgivable. 

While we are sitting at the bottom of nearly every economic measurement; While we have $Ten of millions unaccounted for or stolen under police investigation; Where our fastest growing industry is poverty and we have to spend the taxpayer's last dime to buy new industry, we can spend shameful hours and weeks bogged down in trash!

This is the same type of frivolous and vexatious bovine waste that went on with the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) complaints until a financial charge was implemented.

Seeing that their is 50 or so people on payroll sitting in council chamber raises the question as to the hourly cost to waste the Regional Governments time with frivolous and vexatious  bovine waste repeatedly aimed at one 'Tax & Waste' fighter like Petrowski and where does the citizen get to put in a complaint? 

Charge the same fee that the OMB charges, refundable if complaint valid but charge for the Integrity Commissioner's cost if complaint is ruled frivolous, vexatious or invalid! 

Letter to Standard Editor
Columnist is a bully
Columnist Grant LaFleche has screamed and blithered about regional Coun. Andy Petrowski and his tweets and other actions for years. 
Granted, Andy’s tweets most likely did him no favours. Grant, you got what you wanted in an integrity commissioner (at Niagara Region) but you didn’t get what you wanted out of them, a repeal of Petrowski. So you attack the person you so hoped would play ball with you. 
I’ve known Andy since elementary school and know he has had several Jewish friends. Although I have not talked to him about this latest tweet in question, I am guessing it was about Trump, not an anti-Semitic statement. Did you ever consider that? I doubt it. 
You are a bully. So take your ball. Go home. And reflect as to the bully you are. We’re tired of hearing you.
Garth Thomson
St. Catharines


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  1. This has now become commonplace world-wide and to that extent it is largely ignored until it hits home -- reminds one of that old saying: "Depends on whose ox is getting gored." However, the danger is there and is ever-present across the country and the globe. Can it be defeated? I truly do not know, but I do know that lying down with your ears plugged and your eyes closed does on no way lessen the imminent danger. So, what to do? Think, express, form groups, form groups of groups, be wary of the 'insider' who threatens from within -- and on and on. No problem solves itself. We have to do the solving -- that is why we have the ability to think.