Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The death of Lady Justice

There is no Crueler Tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the 'Shield of Law' and in the 'Name of Justice'.

What can be crueler than to watch your human and constitutional rights twisted beyond all recognition. For an innocent Canadian who has offended no one or committed no wrong (not even the theft of a loaf of bread)  to be forced into court, is wrong and not 'Shielded by Law'. 

To win in court only to have your case appealed by a Victor Hugo like character, (from the novel Les Miserables) complete with a wanton zeal to see his brand of 'Financial Injustice' on behalf of an extortionist regime!

You watch as the prosecutor destroys your 'Shield of Law' by manipulating timelines, hiding your accuser, disqualifies your decades long recognized arborist in favor of college student (with degree) who just happens to be an employee of the same extortionist regime that is prosecuting you in the 'Name of Justice'!

You stand there with the prosecutor on your right, facing the bench; a bench with a 'Justice' who also just happens to be a former associate member of the same extortionist regime that is prosecuting you in the 'Name of Justice'!

Years ago Niagara was blessed with a courageous radio commentator named Laura Sabia.

Through the fog of time I can still recall one of her most frequent and formidable comments

So often when commenting on matters of law and the Law's effect on her listeners she would exclaim 'The Law is an ASS' and spoken with as much disgust as she could muster. 

Even though Mrs. Sabia suffered from an acute case of common sense I still couldn't fathom her rage against our legal system or how she came to such virile sentiment.

Until now!

Decades ago I became involved with a group called the 'Niagara Winners Circle'. First in black and white and then in colour hard copy newsletters. In 2006 we switched to our current format 'The Mirror on line' Magazine.

So what has changed?

Here's what has changed! Following along with my interviews, articles and subsequent court trials it started to sink in that something is wrong with our judicial system. I tried to articulate the sad story of Mark Barnfield who did everything right to start his little business in Welland, Ontario only to be destroyed by the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) in league with the municipal government!

On top of going back to college, getting all required permits and even paying $thousands for an environment assessment the NPCA crushed that hapless family after their first few sales and on what basis?

On the basis of connected underground aquifers, a non-existent Black Gum Tree and a dead turtle skeleton in the roadside ditch. 

Officials of the NPCA trespassed on his private property to gather spurious evidence and to take inadmissible pictures. The NPCA staked out swaths of Barnfield's property which the NPCA laid claim to and to which Barnfield was denied right of use!

To date the NPCA has never produced evidence that it had or has legal authority and/or jurisdiction over private property.

The Laws permitting this lunacy run closely akin to the old witch-craft trials to the extent that not one of the justices adjudicating Mr. Barmfied's case bothered to ask what the citizen was doing in court?

But this story gets worse - Much Worse !

We slowly became cognizant of a common theme behind the vicious assaults on individual property owners. The conservation authorities would offer the property owners absolution if they would simply plead guilty and pay a suggested fine. 

The hapless property owner could either pay $thousands in fines or spend $tens of thousands to hire a lawyer, court costs and expenses in a vain effort to defend themselves. 

Keep in mind that this conduct was only applied to individual citizens; not to developers and not even to the worst of polluters !

So there you have it! The environment can go to hell as long as the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority can extort a few $bucks toward their grasping empire building. 

This extortion and greed is being conducted with blessing of the most over-bloated number of sleazy politicians anywhere in Canada!

This Article was sent to the Attorney General of Ontario on September 28, 2016 at 11:31 AM

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  1. It is a problem that is happening in all countries. The property owners are being squeezed out of their right to use their own property, using any means possible. The ultimate goal is total government control over the lives and assets of the masses. It is started at the local level, and we are seeing evidence of it, with the never ending growth of faux-green environmental regulations, designed to give government control, not to benefit the environment. Remember this, when it comes time to vote. Get rid of all politicians that support globalism, and elect people that will protect the rights of the Canadian citizens!

  2. thanks for keeping the spirit of interest in our communities alive! we are bringing robust community involvement in the planning of our cities! Involvement is necessary.