Thursday, 1 September 2016

Same Mission

Epiphany! Maybe/ maybe not!

An epiphany is an experience of sudden and striking realization. 

Generally the term is used to describe scientific breakthrough, religious or philosophical discoveries, but it can apply in any situation in which an enlightening realization allows a problem or situation to be understood from a new and deeper perspective.

In this case it is the inevitable recognition that there has been a major shift among the citizenry.

Citizens having time to pay attention to what is going on with the many government levels and agencies have been slowly getting their back up. 

Even among those deeply committed to their occupation and family responsibilities are becoming agitated with the growing abuse to their living standards.

Groups forming out of necessity to defend themselves from democratic tyranny created by those we have elected and hired who have learned how to fleece their citizens though  Machiavellian manipulations.

Fortunes wasted and stolen! More fortunes spun off to political parasites! Creating 4.6 million laws many of which are designed the raise cash for corrupt, morally bankrupt and inept government.  

Leaders who have misused their position to place a stranglehold on its citizens through their control of the necessities of life. They brutally use electricity, water and heating fuel to gouge, swindle and cheat their citizens!

As the overbearing weight of an ever expanding government grows to a breaking point citizen's groups are forming exponentially.

So where is the epiphany?

It lies in the fact that the various defensive groups are coming to the realization that although they represent various and distinct situations they are actually on the same mission.

The epiphany is the realization that the disparate groups are starting to share their efforts to bolster their combined strength. 

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Thank you.



  1. Well written story. People have to realize it is better to join forces with an educated group of people rather then to make yourself a vulnerable target for bureaucrats to instantly dismiss as an outcast. I joined the Niagara Landowners Association to get support for my efforts to right a wrong with the City of Welland and the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority regarding our 25.0 acres of land, located on Biggar Road in Welland. I've learned over 23 year time span that bureaucrats who make a mistake will fight you to the end rather than admit it. All groups seeking change here in Niagara, are looking for new members who are like minded and willing to actively participate in our efforts to bring forth positive changes to Niagara. There is a direct positive correlation between property rights and the economy for countries who promote property rights. Why then is our government working so hard to take property rights from us?

  2. You are entirely right, Preston. What we are all fighting, is globalism. Agenda 21. It is an attack on our sovereignty, and our freedom. It eats away at our rights, a little at a time, till we wake up one day and realize, we are no longer in control of our own lives. The government is, and it is not going to end well. Unite, and fight this together. Educate your communities about what is going on and make sure you vote for people who are willing to fight globalism. It is our only chance to save the lives we cherish, so that we may pass them on to our descendants.