Saturday, 14 May 2016

Only Tyrants Misuse our Laws for Abuse

Under the legal term “Land grant patents” your property is your property. It does not belong to the government or any part of the government.

That has been determined by our courts reaching all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Example: The Crown appealed (Walker et al v. the Attorney General (Ontario) to the Court of Appeal for Ontario and lost, then appealed further to the Supreme Court of Canada, again without success. Thus, the trial judgment was affirmed by the Court of Appeal for Ontario in 1972 and by the Supreme Court of Canada in 1974…”

More recently the Gilmor et al. v. Nottawasaga Valley and The Township of Amaranth where the judge ruled: In my view, the foregoing quotations from the Tribunal’s reasons indicate that it did indeed proceed from an unreasonable and fundamentally erroneous interpretation of the governing NVCA Regulation.   Neither the CAA nor the NVCA Regulation enacted there under can reasonably be construed as presumptively prohibiting development.

At what point are the individual perpetrators of the continuing attacks against property owners to be held accountable for their actions?

The perpetrators know very well that their actions fly in the face of superior court and supreme court settlement but they still use and abuse our lower courts to shake down private property owners.

Their actions have bankrupted and destroyed families for the sole purpose of building an empire on their ill-gotten gains.
Its time for them to pay!

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