Friday, 22 January 2016

Destroy Odd Balls

I'd like to know exactly when "grades" took a step back pushing sexuality to the top over-running the public education system.

Sounds to me like sexuality is no longer good clean fun of discovery... it's being taught. I could only imagine the frustration of the children in the lower grade schools being manipulated by the system in questioning their very person instead of letting nature taking its course.

I would also like to understand why the "LGBTQ Community" has left out the "H or S" from a listing standpoint? Are Heterosexual or Straight members of their community being shut-out because they "just don't belong?" From a legal standpoint how did they ever get jurisdiction and authority by leaving these people standing in the aisles? Maybe they thrive on conflict that doesn't exist so they experiment using students as guinea pigs masking it as "education". Oh, they're being transparent. You bet! Problem is that today’s youth look through things and not into them leaving themselves open to corruption. Smart parents of wealth look to private or home schooling; further deepening the system of haves' and have-nots. Another hit on the middle class...

I suggest, on the first day of grade 9, all students that are Heterosexual or Straight consider the labels L, G, B, T or Q and wear them proudly in glee like being fashionable and trendy avoiding a 4 year hell.

Although the figure is 1 in 10 is now the norm being stated on several web sites I suspect that 80 to 90% fall under these labels in today's world before they hit high school? This leads to other questions like;

why is their numbers so small and unrealistic and,

is the school system looking to unify the students through a pipe dream and, would it shock the public to find out that a huge number like 70/30 already exists due to media and entertainment stimulation? Student only confide in their closest of friends at school and groups outside of school activities are labeled gangs. So what are student incentives to tell the truth unless this project is designed to offer each student a categorical propositions to premises (education con job at its best) and, what's their agenda and,
why does the media and entertainment world support this and,

how many in the media and entertainment are one of the labels and,

what are the true projections and numbers that are used by the education system and how many are to be converted and,

where is the benchmark used to propagate or possibly prorogate this enforcement and,

the list goes on for miles...???

I'll guaranty that in 2 generations there won't be a soul left leaving high school that will admit to being mentally and physically beaten for being Heterosexual or Straight including but not limited to a genuine fear of entering a world of social reprisal. They're already getting the message; "if you ain't different, you ain't nutin!" That ideology alone puts everyone in the same category killing individualism.

Isn't that just great?

I don't care if you're L-G-B-T-Q-H-S. I'm old enough to accept and the schools I went to taught knowledge that systematically removed bigotry and prejudice by the end of the 70's. I suggest looking into who created the new emergency to find the culprit(s) behind the push. That being said I think this is an act of futility to herd students around like sheep. I think the complete opposite of the desired effect will take place and society is going to pay the price for their arrogance when today's students take the helm of your futures.



  1. Now we're corrupting the education system too ..... isn't that swell. Like our children in todays' society don't have enough to contend with, i.e., drugs, bullying, etc. Hurray for Premier Wynne! She certainly knows how to mess up a province!

  2. It used to be only Liberal parents, that allowed their children to be exposed to things that were beyond their maturity level. Now the schools and gov'ts are making sure that all children, (except the wealthy), are immersed in a culture of overemphasized sexuality, for children. The Left just wants to get access to our children's minds while they are still very pliable, so they can reinforce their agenda on a regular basis. Morality is no longer "politically correct", and they are told by the gov't supported school system, what to think about social and moral issues. It is outrageous. It is not freedom. Our rights as parents are being constantly eroded! We had better take notice, before it's too late.