Thursday, 23 May 2013

Protection from Government

Under our system of government we are told that we get to ‘vote in’ a political party and for that winning political party to run things and make decisions on our behalf according to how that political party sees fit.

However, often we are voting for liars, deceivers and cheats or anyone with the best ability to deceive. Sadly there is no accountability or recourse once we fall for the liars, deceivers and cheats.

 We are told that if we don’t like the way the party in power is governing we have the opportunity to vote them out and vote in another political party!  But, it takes a full four years just to start understanding the nature of those we have put in power and even then the evidence is that the worst of these have the ability to hide their predilections through more lies and deceit.

Why do we need protection from government? Because we are facing a growing culture of corruption that is rapidly turning our blessed parliamentary democracy into a form of democratic tyranny that is now threatening our Canadian way of life. Many have already accepted much of the corruption as inevitable.

Recent examples of widespread corruption in our political system clearly indicates that things are not working well (assuming they ever where) for the Canadian Citizen. Perhaps there was a time when the system struggled through under a semblance civility and respect.  

Our current system of governance will not improve as long as there is a dearth of intelligent laws to protect the country and its citizens from its government.

There is no accountability as long as there is no consequence

7 Suggestions:
                                        Recall mechanism to guard against ‘Political’ Duds
                                        ‘TERM LIMITS’
                                        Immediate dismissal for ‘Electoral Deception’
Incarceration for ‘Political Corruption’
Penalties doubled for ‘Breach of Trust’
Pass ‘Sunshine Laws’ to defeat unwarranted SECRECY
Create forensic audit teams for unannounced inspections

It is one thing for a party leader to talk of penalties ‘after the fact’ but what about discussing meaningful recourse for the protection of the country and the Citizen.

We must NOT support any party that refuses to bring in the very necessary protections needed to clean up what has become a sleazy political mess.

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