Monday, 22 October 2012

Investigative Reporting

News Alert Niagara operates as a more current dissemination of news and information for the quarterly Niagara Winners Circle newsletter. 
The Niagara Winners Circle is a quarterly publication first published in 2004 featuring news, commentary and opinions primarily regarding matters concerning The Niagara Region.  

Investigative Reporting:

Broke the story on Niagara Regions attempt to muzzle the public from public forum;       

Broke the 2010 Story on the ignored deterioration of Burgoyne Bridge;

Broke the story on SECRECY at the Niagara Region;

Broke the story on the Niagara Economic Development fiasco;

Broke the story on our Culture Committee’s spending practices;

Broke the story regarding the condition of Niagara’s Roads;

Broke the story on ARMED building inspectors;

Panned the ‘Open for Business’ wish list;

May we point to our story ‘Responsible Vigilance’ January 2011;

Leading years-long fight against illegal Dumping in Niagara;

Exposed shameful abuse of potential commerce and jobs for Niagara;

Exposed the Machiavellian 'Tim Lewis Story';

Exposed those responsible for convicted miscreants on our Niagara regional police;

Exposed the true character of The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority;

Exposed the astonishing secrecy regarding extreme levels of toxic pollution and its disposal;

We offer continuous opinion and commentary on Niagara issues of public interest.

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