Saturday, 27 October 2012

Death at the Governance Conference

Governance Alert!
Dateline September 20, 2012…
Perhaps you read about the attempt by our Niagara Regional Council to finally come to grips with the subject of ‘GOVERNENCE’.
You know; things like the numbers of politicians, or Mayors on council, hybrid councilors, or reducing the number of governments, or any of a myriad of critical issues.
There sat the council along with their bureaucrats; yes and the press was present, eager to glean and report the promise of hard decisions.
Hours droned by with brilliant proclamations on things like how smart the councilors are followed by rude bickering and affirmations that council reform and/or reduction are NOT on the table.
Of all the ideas they wrote on their flip chart, it came down to only the following two safe headings on which they could find consensus.
Adequate Communication & Co-Ordination
Annual package of ‘Propaganda’ that tells Region’s story
Annual Q&A by Regional Staff at local councils
Seek input from former Regional politicians
Obfuscation of governance issues were noticeable
*No Critical Governance issues were discussed!

Is it any wonder we read headlines like: 

'What’s With Niagara Regional Council? Maybe It Should Be Abolished' – Niagara at Large

'Give Niagara regional councillors a big ‘F’ for failing once again to talk about governance' – Bullet News Niagara

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