Sunday, 22 September 2013

Spending for Prosperity

I would like to take up Media’s dare to challenge a pro-turbine presenter’s conjecture at Niagara Regional Council regarding the placing of wind turbines in areas where they are not wanted, not needed and against the  express wishes of its citizens.
Indeed we need good paying jobs here in Niagara and indeed we want the presenter to be able to feed his family, but he is presenting from a personal interest perspective.
However there are a couple of kinks in his presentation, such as the need for wind turbines being placed where they are not only unwanted but are proven that they are not needed.
How can anyone claim a need for these turbines when the Ontario Liberals are already paying for turbine wind producers not to produce electrical power from their unsightly monoliths? What the hell are we saying when the cry is for corporations to erect more wind turbines so that the corporation can earn money by not producing electrical power!
He is incorrect when he says that the Niagara Regional Councilors voted to support a motion to BLOCK wind energy development in Niagara. The Regional Council voted to support Niagara communities that wanted the democratic right to opt out of  forced imposition of wind turbines.
Where is our future if we continually make expensive wrong-headed decisions now?
Unnecessary expenses are driving up the cost of doing business in Niagara and more importantly in Ontario to the point that we are already witnessing the flight of companies and their much needed jobs! 
But what the hell, we can keep on selling our over-priced electricity at a spectacular loss ($1.2 billion) in the name (and name only) of bragging rights to our GREEN CULTURE and our ability to brag about having the highest electrical rates in North America.
Besides, buying newer and better wind turbines will always be a future option!
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