Sunday, 17 February 2013


Juxtapositions are those twists of fate, coincidences, and happenstance all randomly buzzing about, waiting for that inevitable collision that befuddles the mind and assails reason.
Juxtapositions are so common that they usually go unnoticed even when they do collide. However they don’t always go unnoticed. They sometimes collide like two asteroids in space - with a kinetic energy that is hard to ignore.
As an example, consider the state of our educational system. Through our government we pay the highest salaries with handsome pensions along with great working conditions, and short number of annual working days.
What do we get?
We get demands for ever increasing incomes and benefits. We witness boisterous rallies, threats of work to rule, endless braggadocio as to their superior teaching abilities and even exaggerate the quality of their product.
These academics should try the 1895 8th grade final exam located here:

Regardless of one’s stance on the issues, the intricacies and minutia of their contractual ballet will go on ad-infinitum or until there is a credible challenge to the system.
Before it’s too late they should consider trimming unnecessary fat:    

We have been labouring under a singular focus on self-serving wisdom. But now we have, what could very well be, our first viable juxtaposition.
After all of the spin and misinformation we’ve be fed by academia, we now have to listen to another gang of know-it-all’s telling us that we are in need of better trained skilled workers from offshore to fill our need for SKILLED WORKERS.

What was the old adage about teaching a man to fish?
Perhaps instead of importing the better trained skilled worker, we should consider importing the proven superior educators from their obviously superior education system.
After we blow away the dust and chaff we will find people like Salmon Khan.

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