Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Machiavellian Malfunction

The Liberal Minister of Community and Social Services recently announced that his Ontario Government is GIVING $42million of taxpayer money back to the municipal taxpayers that paid the tax in the first place!
Hamilton will be GIVEN $3.19million of its own taxpayer dollars, while all of Niagara will be GIVEN $1.9million of its own taxpayer dollars.
The only reason for the deceptive gift of Provincial taxpayer dollars to the municipal taxpayers is to get these Liberal tax-burners through their leadership campaign.
Those currently in control of the Liberal Party have become so used to deception, prevarication, and moral corruption that they actually believe they are still a faithful and reliable body to represent their the citizens who have placed their faith in these deceivers by mistakenly electing them .
The liberal party of Ontario has become an embarrassing disgrace. After all their cheating and lying they have immorally, if not illegally, shut down the CITIZEN’S Ontario Legislature, while these disgusting Liberals go AWOL to find a new, and hopefully better, leader.
Many point to the fact that preventing homelessness is more cost effective than services for the homeless. Uncontrollable cost has the power to incentivize proper leaders to find real solutions. 
Instead of sending our local tax dollars to up the chain of mismanagement, we must use our municipal tax dollars to work out our local homeless and poverty circumstances.
This will have three main incentives on our circumstances...
1.     We will get to use all of the local tax dollars for local benefit.
2.     We will benefit from the need for better management of charity.
3.     We will eventually learn to better appreciate job creation.

P.S.    Wouldn’t it be nice if we could find one sincere political party or even one political leader which would better appreciate its constituents!

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