Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The Tim Lewis Story


Tim Lewis is the ‘Snake-in-the Grass’ that used the pseudonym (Fictitious Name) ‘Tim Lewis’ as a means to attack a Niagara Regional Councilor or perhaps we could say another Regional Councilor predicated on the fact that we don’t really have the identity of Tim Lewis or the gang behind the name or even how deep this conspiracy goes.
Everyone held their breath. Everyone knew what was about to happen. Everyone was sure that the Niagara Regional Government, under the very experienced Chairman Gary Buroughs, would never put up with such skullduggery.
 Everyone anticipated an investigation that would both determine the identity of the perpetrator (which can be done) and/or to substantiate actual wrong-doing.
Then we discover that some in the Niagara Regional Government already knew the identity of this ‘Snake-in-the-Grass’ Tim Lewis or at least knew the gang involved.
 Predicated on this vile and anonymous email from ‘Snake-in-the-Grass’ Tim Lewis and gang, our St. Catharines Mayor and Regional Councilor Brian McMullan did his best to ‘fan the flames’ by acting on the ‘supposedly anonymous charge’s of Tim Lewis as if the charges were fact.
  ‘McMullan acknowledged knowing those behind the Tim Lewis e-mail, and even suggested that the victim of all this hate was a bully who displayed a rude demeanor toward regional employees’.

Considering the fact that the allegations have now been proven false, according CAO Mike Trojan, has any of those that were piling on as if they had hard evidence come forward to apologize?
Hell no! The struggle of the ‘Silk Socked Socialists’ is still a hot war as they continue to subdue dissent emanating from anyone who objects to their ‘brilliant plans’ simply because the objector believes their ‘brilliant plans’ are harmful to the financial health of Niagara Citizens.
P.S.   Try to imagine what might happen if the roles were reversed!
Try to imagine the absolute tsunami if some lousy ‘Snake-in-the-Grass’ circulated emails ‘Raising Fictitious Allegations’ against any of those involved in this odious ‘Tim Lewis’ scandal?

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