Saturday, 16 June 2018

Citizen's Health Sold for Money!

People have been waiting for answers and explanation from our Niagara Peninsula Corruption Authority, The Niagara Regional Regime, The Criminal Liberals of Queens Park, The Failing Federal Government or even the insidious silence from The City of Welland!

News Alert Niagara has been raising the alarm to no avail. Not a single person of authority has responded to our charge of toxic poison entering the Welland River and into our source of drinking water!

Instead we face an astonishing level of suspicious security shielding the project from prying eyes complete with alleged electronic jamming against drone surveillance!

To knowingly transport toxic poison from the world's most infamous 'Randal's Reef' of the Hamilton Harbour steel mills to the bank of our Welland River drinking water supply is criminal and those perpetuating this tragedy should be jailed!

Why the Sleaze?
Why the secrecy?
Why the Cover-up?
Where is the integrity? 

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  1. Ask Grassy Narrows how accountable the pupil and paper mill, MOECC and the Liberals have been with their drinking water. Look at the many communities, including Niagara that have lost their safe potable well water to Industrial Scale Wind Turbines. The governments position is financial at all costs.