Thursday, 1 August 2019

The Chicken Thief

There once was a man standing trial accused of stealing chickens when in conclusion the judge told him that due to the lack of evidence the man was aquitted.

The bewildered accused replied: "Does that mean I have to give them back?" 
Question: Does that mean the acquitted chicken thief would be required to give the chickens back?
Well now we finally have a definitive 'Supreme Court' decision stating that the imposition of a 'Victim Surcharge' is 'UNCONSTITUTIONAL' under our 'Charter of Rights'.
Does this definitive 'Supreme Court' decision mean that the moneys 'stolen' will have to be given Back?
For those that follow such things the Case #37782; 37783; 37774; 37427 between 

PS: It appears that with so many Citizens challenging the 'Chicken Thieves' 
one might conclude that the 'Chickens are coming home to roost'

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