Wednesday, 4 April 2018

NPCA Transparency

Yes, that’s right! The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority’s desperate attempt to convince the Citizens of Niagara that the NPCA is transparent and aboveboard has instead revealed questionable financial activities.

While thousands of dedicated folks from all walks of life spend their time and capital, fund their own transportation, buy their own meals and suitable attire, the NPCA Board of Directors allow their Executives to run wild with a Bank of Montreal Corporate Credit Card.

The NPCA says the OPP found no wrong-doing! Guess they missed double-dipping and maxing out their expense account. (Shades of Region)

The abuse emanating from Conservation Authorities is beyond the pale!

1 comment:

  1. We should be able to FOI the RCMP investigation? If the RCMP see no wrong doing then we need to question the integrity of RCMP no? I have mourned the death of my faith in our government agencies that is truly transparent and truly for the people. Since the inception of government, the focus on the end goal is all that is seen and we, the people, have nurtured and matured the corruption through our misguided trust of political institutions.