Sunday, 8 April 2018

Ford Considers Recall

I was taking a picture of Mr. Bernie Law with Mr. Doug Ford the PC provincial candidate for Ontario Premier when Mr. Law said something to me. Ford asked Law if he (meaning me) was a friend. I thought Mr. Ford was reaching to shake my hand. Suddenly Mr. Ford's big hand hoisted me onto his platform! 

Mr. Ford instructed me to hand over my camera to his assistant for a picture of the three of us.

That's when it happened. Standing on a platform in front of a standing-room-only audience of hundreds I quietly told Mr. Ford of my wish to ask him one question. He lowered his ear to me asking; what question? Mustering courage I asked Mr. Ford if he would consider recall legislation?

Mr. Ford replied that he would consider recall legislation based on the conduct of some politicians after they get elected.

He repeated that he would consider it.

MPP Sam Oosterhoff said I could quote him that he agrees with 'Recall Legislation! 

Folks this does not guarantee that we will get recall but this could be the best piece of news so far in this election cycle! 

Recall would put power in the hands of the voter when we get the next misleading lying charlatan or when we discover that we have already elected one!

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