Sunday, 7 January 2018

Party politics vs., knowing right from wrong

     News alert Niagara has been working constantly to bring forward the increasing corruption building in so many levels of government and the overabundance of empire building government agencies.
     The fact that the unaccountable Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) allowed its CAO to proceed with a disgusting and illegal slap suit against a private Citizen is bad enough but then to proceed to bail out the former CAO Carmen D ‘Angelo’s legal misadventure with cost totaling over a quarter of a $Million Taxpayer Dollars is not lost on appalled VOTERS!   
     Sadly the NPCA Board, who apparently doesn’t know right from wrong, also controls a large voting bloc in our Niagara Regional Government.
     It’s obvious and extraordinary that we have party politics running roughshod over common sense in favor of power of party.
     At this point we have NOT ONE political party fighting on behalf of Canadian Citizens or for the health and welfare of Canada.
What we do have is a cesspool of miscreants and thugs looking after themselves! 
     What will be interesting will be the response from the self-proclaimed guardians of Canadian Democracy and Canadian Citizens!

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