Monday, 6 November 2017

Stand up for Canadian First Nations

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau abandons Canadian First Nations to Liberal Style of Government 

When Charmaine Stick started her courageous struggle for First Nations accountability and transparency, she knew it would be a long, hard journey and it isn’t over yet.
Her own band’s leaders have launched an appeal to overturn Charmaine’s hard-won legal victory requiring them to publish their salaries and expenses as well as band’s audited financial statements. We’ve just found out that the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal will hear the arguments in December.

 We have to stand with Charmaine to win this appeal.

Here’s the background. A few years ago, Charmaine asked leaders at Onion Lake Cree Nation why so many band members live in poverty even though the community on the Saskatchewan-Alberta border has significant oil resources. When they refused to provide answers, Charmaine went on a 14-day hunger strike.

Then, a little more than a year ago, the federal government stopped enforcing The First Nations Financial Transparency Act. That law gives grassroots First Nations people the right to see their band’s basic financial information on a public website. More than 90 per cent of First Nations have complied with the law. Onion Lake Cree Nation’s leaders have always refused to follow the law and the government stopped enforcing the law.

That’s when Charmaine partnered with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. Together, we launched a court application to enforce the First Nations Financial Transparency Act. Hundreds of CTF supporters made donations to cover the legal costs. The Court of Queen’s Bench for Saskatchewan ruled in Charmaine’s favour – WE WON.

But Onion Lake Cree Nation’s leaders are appealing that victory.

We’ve got an excellent lawyer and we think we have a good chance of beating this appeal. But appeals cost money. Charmaine’s leaders are more than willing to burn the band’s cash on legal costs and they’re obviously hoping we’ll run out of money. We can’t let Charmaine down as she continues to take this courageous stand.

Will you step up with $100 to defend Charmaine’s victory by making sure we win this appeal? To donate, just click this LINK


  1. It says a lot about how gullible our peoples are that they kept supporting Prince Trudeau who promised much but has done nothing,and vilified Prime Minister Harper who did so much for us during his mandate?

  2. 'Where Has All The Money Gone?' (Onion Lake/Charmaine Stick) {November 16, 2016}: