Thursday, 18 May 2017

In need of an Honest Media

Is it wrong to assume that a Free Pressis required to tell 'the Truth, the Whole Truth and nothing but the Truth!’

False or misleading reporting deliberately promotes inaccurate opinion in the minds of citizens.

How are Citizens to form a full and honest opinion when the information provided by their media is skewed?

The Press likes to proffer their position that they are to hold government accountable. However as shown in the example below  the Standard often sides with the government against our civil rights!

The following is the St. Catharines Standard 'Report on Freedom of Speech fighter’ Mr. Fred Bracken 

Standard: “Bracken has been escorted from regional council chambers in the past and is best known for following local politicians, police officers and reporters around with a video camera and occasionally conducting one-man protests on street corners.”

There are two main methods of disinformation. One is by outright lies while the other is lying by omission. In the lonely paragraph above the Standard lied by omission. Yes Mr. Bracken was escorted by the police from Regional council chambers. Missing in the Standard report was the fact that Bracken was removed from council chambers illegally. The illegal activity of denying Mr. Bracken his civil rights cost the Niagara Taxpayers $Tens of Thousands.

During the ensuing court trial the center character of the illegal eviction, Councilor Zimmerman perjured herself in her sworn deposition. 

Supporting witness CAO Schlange also perjured himself in his sworn deposition. The Justice noted that their testimony was at serious odds with Mr. Bracken’s video. 

It was Mr. Fred Bracken that stood alone fighting for his rights and in the process fighting for the rights of all Niagara’s Citizens. The sickening paragraph smugly promoted by the St. Catharine's Standard puts the newspaper in direct deleterious opposition to the civil rights and freedom of speech of Niagara’s Citizens.

The St. Catharines Newspaper owes Mr. Fred Bracken an apology as well as their Citizen Readers!

This 'Dirty Dog Journalism' is disturbing to the News Media Share Holders. 

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