Friday, 30 March 2018

Are Bloggers a Threat?

They must be a threat to some but who are the some.
Who are the Bloggers? Bloggers are people who post NEWS and OPINIONS on the internet. 

Some post NEWS and OPINIONS through a vehicle known as 'Word Press' while others post  NEWS and OPINIONS using Google's Blog-spot Services. 

Some bloggers are simply motivated individuals or small groups or associations broadcasting their particular predilections all the way up to major news organizations of every description.

'News Alert Niagara' is a blogger primarily reacting to what it sees as corruption and abuse of Citizens. 

Noticeable is the effort in which some people will go to diminish the value of any news source that challenges their actions and activities. They challenge media on the basis of credibility as if their credibility is beyond reproach. They describe newspapers as mere advertising rags. They demand accountability while they offer none.

'News Alert Niagara' offers all readers the opportunity to comment at the bottom of every one of its hundreds of articles. 

'News Alert Niagara' believes that a gutsey 10 year old girl/journalist named Hilda Lysiak has it absolutely right! 

'News Alert Niagara'  also believes that anyone who says otherwise is a charlatan that can't bear scrutiny! This is born out by the fact that these same charlatans are reluctant to state their case on the 'comment section' at the bottom of each and every article of 'News Alert Niagara'

It is the corrupt that view bloggers as a threat because they can't yet find a way to control them.

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  1. Excellent work and well stated.
    Politicians can't deal with critical thinkers or the tough questions that don't reflect their agendas. I've lost count of just how many have blocked me and deleted my comments over the years. That's how you know you're over the target.

    BTW --- that photo SHOULD be shown on all mainstream news stations. Trudeau's $8 Million dollar skating rink, now mud hole. Maybe we can get him and Wynne to mud wrestle and sell tickets so they can fund the clean up.